Tuesday, July 8, 2014

new life

i am now an english teacher at SMK Siong, Baling, Kedah
yes, a rural area next to Ulu Legong Hot Spring (nak gempak saja. air panas laa)
close to the settlement of aboriginal people of Sakai tribe
115km from my sweet heaven in Jitra, 2 hours journey with a quite challenging route
and after all the dramas and tears, it's already been 3 months since i was posted here
after all the crying, whining, ranting and cursing
i'm slowly trying to adapt to the new humble and simple lifestyle
honestly, i feel rather alien here
ok, let me make a list:

1. language / slang / accent
dont talk about English, i cant even understand their Malay ok! i'm a Kedahan for all my life, but still this Balingian is totally out of the scheme. their daily conversation is 'unique' (yeah right!) u can hear the mixture of kelantanese + kl + siamese slangs in one 'language'. i dont know how to describe la wei. but, every time they speak to me with their thick slang, i will go "hah? sorry? hah? what? hah? again?" ok thats it. i give up. speak what u want. if u need something from me, u better speak my language.

2. entertainment
none. how do i entertain myself? eat and sleep. oh and watch himym and some korean series again and again. yes, thats how boring my life is now.

3. culture
errr i'm not going to get myself involve with their super friendliness. i'm weird remember? anti social a bit. multiple personalities a bit. so better stick to myself. yes, afini is a hermit. stuck in her own cocoon.

4. food
cheap. but jitra is nicer.

conclusion, i wanna go home. ok bye.


miss d said...

I suppose by now(at this particular time when I'm typing these) you have found no reason to leave Baling, isn't it true? wink2 ^.^

I've been enduring the same sort of unexpected life transition here. Insyaallah we'll go through this together.

Keep udating ur blog, hopefully the internet connection in Baling wouldn't be as lousy as we were in maktab.

lotsa love,

afiniakib said...

hey miss d!
1. no, i still have some reasons to go back to jitra haha my heart is still there

2. insyaAllah, pray hard :)

3. just did!

ACU EZAH(FBC) said...

how are you teacher??