Tuesday, July 8, 2014


sekejap je dah 8 tahun kan?
dulu study lagi
now dah kerja
if he was still here
he must be the happiest person because i am now a teacher
he always wanted me to be a teacher
"adik jadi cikgu dah la. orang perempuan elok jadi cikgu je" then he laughed (dont know why -__-)

every time bulan puasa, rindu tu akan jadi super kuat
sedih tu akan jadi extra tears
because time bulan puasa, he would come every day to me at the hostel
bulan tak puasa, he would come like once or twice a week
but ramadhan, he brought food for berbuka, and a can of horlicks / milo and red bean / cocunut buns for sahur
haih, sweet good old times
may u be happy there with your little angel Adam Afiq to accompany you
know that i would never forget u
that u always be in my heart and mind, every single day
that i always pray for u in my prayers
and that i always hope we would reunite as a whole family again in His paradise, insyaAllah
i love u, bang caq :')

on a side note:
now, am all alone
far far away in the remote area in the district of Baling, Kedah
close to some orang asli settlement
next to natural hot spring of Ulu Legong (yay me.)
no more delivery for berbuka
no more surprise visits
no more i'm-bored-lets-go-to-jj
just me alone
sleeping, eating, shopping, doing whatever i like alone
but i like it this way
yes, i am weird like that

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