Friday, April 26, 2013


last day of practicum
mixture of feeling
but, currently i feel like crying
never thought that i would have this kind of attachment with the students
seriously, they are sooooo lovely, both girls and boys
with their "hi teacher" and "hello miss afini"
haih... i'm going to miss them, a lot!

and yesterday, one of my students asked me "teacher, do you think you will have the same students like us?"
i was speechless
and i know deep inside, my next students would never be the same :'(
i will love all my students (in the future)
but these Bainunians are my first babies
i will treasure all the memories here forever

to my 4 Rho, 4 Pi and 4 Beta, i pray to Allah may He ease everything for you
and even though i'm not teaching other forms
but we still got the chance to meet, talk and joke with each other
may you have wonderful days ahead
till we meet again, insyaAllah

special love goes to jagger, thanks for always cheering up my life
and providing me with the sort of motivation to come to school hahaha
i'm gonna miss your mischievous remarks and smile ;)

thanks for all the memories
thank You Allah for giving me the chance to be here :')