Tuesday, January 22, 2013

life as a novice teacher

should i call myself a teacher now?
yeah, i think i can now!
u know why, i carry out all the stuff that teachers do
alhamdulillah, still manage to do it
penat? super duper penat u know!
i do complain, but not regularly la hahaha
but, i am grateful. thank You Allah
at least, even I have to wake up so much earlier that my friends (5am!), go to school so far away from my hostel, drive on the scary road every dawn and evening
but still, my school is classified as an excellent school, my colleagues are all friendly, funny and supportive and what i love the most are my students
seriously, they are good and show a lot of respect towards me
as a new and just a temporary teacher (just until 26 april) they have given me full cooperation
and greet me everywhere i go!
i feel loved, u know hahaha
biasa la, cikgu baru memang keciwi macam ni!

as per cik kak questions:
the canteen is so-so
1. the food is edible
2. the price is quite cheap
3. the kakak / makcik canteen are nice, but they arenot over peramah. so i'm okay with that :)
4. the bilik makan cikgu is comfortable and i can see the students queuing outside. hahaha i dont have to!!

 ni sekolah bagi. so everything about the school is in there 

 the gate. taken from inside the car

 my record book. need to write my lesson plans in there. urgh, ni definitely bosan!

my workstation:

 the glass and wrapping paper tu mmg dah ada. so tak lawa pun ok la 

my stationary case. cute right? bought at MaggieT ;) 
the stack under my lappy case belongs to cikgu azeera. dia mintak tumpang meja. biasa la cikgu practical kan baikkkk

 my pouch for phones and pocket money nak pi minum teh ais ngan kueytiaw sup at teh canteen. and the pink tumbler. yeah yeah i know, i'm cute! hewhewhew

 one of my classes. 4 Beta. ni on wednesday, they have to wear the uniform for ko-ko

my timetable. 10 periods a week. nampak free banyak kan? tapi selalu dapat slip untuk ganti cikgu2 yang MC. so not so free la :)

nanti i'll update about my students pulak ok :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

new phase - practicum

hello everyone

currently updating my blog from the staff room of SMK raja permaisuri bainun, ipoh perak
this is my second day as a practical teacher in this school
alhamdulillah, surviving very well
the teachers are all good and supportive
the students mostly well-mannered and quite good
we dont have super naughty students here
they are all quite bright in their study
oh btw, this is a "sekolah kluster kecemerlangan"
so, all striving for As in exam
one more thing, the boys wear exactly like putera maahadian
minus the songkok
i miss my time back in maahad
specifically, i miss the specific someone badly. haih.

i have my own meja guru
seated next to cikgu shahril and in front of cikgu rahman and my back face the friendly cikgu sanisah
they all decorate their meja guru with frames, flowers, books, biscuits, tempeyek etc
should i put some decoration as well? hahaha
for now, my only decoration is my darling mackbook pro
oh ya, and few books for reference
so, welcome back collins, hedge and gass & selinker
long time no see, huh?

pray for me, please?
and may Allah ease my journey here

see you when i have free periods. ceyyyy

yours truly,