Saturday, December 22, 2012


i'm not a fan of justin bieber seriously
but i do hafal (unintentionally) some of his songs
u know what they say, u tend to memorise the songs u dont like kan?

and since balik dari kuantan 3 days ago
the 'as long as you love me' song got stuck in my head la
haih put the blame on aqila la ni hahaha
that girl siap karaoke this song beside me on the bed
pastu dia siap discuss the meaning behind the song la
pastu why in the MV bieber kena belasah bla bla
oh shes a true belieber i tell u!
siap ada magazines n everything bout JB

but this as long as u love me song quite catchy la
hahaha sedap pulak bila dengaq
demit! afini u listening to a playlist full of of bieber's songs now!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


ages huh?
feel like writing something tonight
its not that i forgot this little journal of mine
but things got ugly not too long ago
and now would be the time to start again
but i dont know, how frequent this would be
lets leave it to my mood

so, school holiday right
almost 2 months, and now in less than a month
i should go back to ipoh, again
how time flies..
before this, there were plenty of holiday plans planned
but Allah's plan. who knows kan?
the umrah and Turkey trip --> cancel. agent + visa probs.
miri trip --> cancel. intruder factor.
penang for family day --> cancel. apartment terbakar.
east coast --> cancel. flood factor.

and now, tired of planning and thinking about holidays anymore
too afraid to set the hope up again
so let it be la
insyaAllah, He knows best

be going to KL again tomorrow, insyaAllah
nothing exciting, just to do some shopping for the kenduri
and need to drive (please, no more summon, amiiinnnn)
this time, test new car, soon to be my car (perhaps!) hahaha

p/s: i had a terrible quarrel with baan tadi. so mad at him, i cried a lot. i tot that we are all grow up, i dont need to face it anymore. but, people dont easily change huh?